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    Green Coffee, flag coffee sourcers,

    Our mission at Flag Coffee Sourcers is to provide specialty coffee roasters with seriously good green coffee. We offer a curated selection of top-notch, premium coffees in smaller 50 pound bags, with free domestic shipping. Focusing on several of our favorite origins in Africa, Central America and South America, we only offer coffees that we feel are truly spectacular, scoring highly in every category. Our goal is to offer you the sweetest, cleanest, most complex coffees on earth, and to make your buying experience incredibly simple.

    Flag Coffee Sourcers was founded in 2016 by Tim and Kati Case, whose decades of coffee experience birthed a passion for sourcing beautiful coffees in a way that positively impacts coffee-growing communities. We spend time on the ground in every country we source from, working closely with our producers and partners to ensure that all of our offerings have been sourced in a way that positively impacts both the people and the planet. We offer full transparency in all of our transactions, and pay far above Fair Trade prices for all the coffees we purchase.  

    Please contact with any questions or sample requests.